What is Equestrian Tourism Association

The Equestrian Tourism Association welcomes applications for membership from those whose career includes guiding clients on horse-back excursions whether they be  short excursions or full African game safaris.

The main objects of the Association are: ­

  • To uphold and maintain standards of excellence with regard to horse care, client safety and environmental awareness;
  • To institute and secure the general adoption of ethical and professional client service by equestrian tourism providers.
  • Consistently with the practice of equestrianism, to promote and assist in the high standard of equestrian tourism in Southern Africa.
  • To collaborate with associated equestrian organizations.
  • To prevent unethical practices in equestrian tourism, and to encourage, promote and insist upon honourable conduct generally in the     practice of the profession of equestrian tourism.
  • To promote and safeguard the interests and welfare of members of the Association and their employees.
  • To render assistance to members of the Association and their employees.
  • To assist with employment placement and employee procurement by and for members.
  • To co-operate with other associations internationally having objects similar to those of this Association.
  • To co-operate with those (wherever situated) who by business or other circumstances are directly connected with equestrian tourism and to  provide means of discussion between them and members of the Association on matters of common interest.
  • To arrange the supply of information to persons wishing to partake in equestrian tourism.
  • To promote the membership and their services, as the case may be, by way of advertisements, interviews or press releases.
  • To collaborate in every possible manner with the respective Governments of the Region and the Ministries of Tourism or their equivalent in all    matters concerning equestrian tourism.
  • To encourage and assist members to provide proper and professional equestrian tourism services and facilities, of a high standard to members of    the tourist public.
  • Co-operate with the industry in developing its role in promoting meaningful broad-based black economic empowerment.

Equestrian Qualifications Authority of Southern Africa NPC 2013/065969/08

(Member of the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications)