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Important notice from DAFF re vaccination of horses against AHS

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Congratulations to the following candidates who achieved a pass of 90% and above for one or more modules last year:
Ashley Theunissen (MP); Jane Curtiss (MP); Marlia Carstens (WC); Charmaine Orban ( WC);Frikkie Simons (WC);Furdy Swartbooi (WC); Hendrick Diedericks (WC); Adrienne Sabbat (WC);Hendrik Sarcon (WC);Karel Skirmanns (WC);Nicole Ashton (WC); Lynn-Ann van der Sandt (WC);Amore van Wyk (WC); Francois Jacobs(WC);Ashleigh Fredericks (WC);Erna Slabber (WC);Megan Paymans (WC); Coenie Sieckers (WC); Madelie Jansen (WC); Robyn Kenyon (KZN);Claire Steele (KZN); Ingrid Hall (KZN); Suzette Kruger (KZN); Mathew Thackery (KZN); Callan Murray (KZN): Ashlin Raath (KZN); Nina Favelin (KZN); Marilise de Beer (KZN); Carl Boonzaaier (GAUTENG); Chad Cunningham (GAUTENG).            

EQUINE RESEARCH … what you need to know

Brought to you by the Equine Research Centre, University of Pretoria

The Equine Research Centre (ERC), University of Pretoria (UP), and the University of Witwatersrand, in a multi-disciplinary collaboration to improve the research initiatives in African horse sickness, are delighted to present to you our Equine Research Newsletter. In this Newsletter we’ll bring you up to date with some of what has transpired over the past few years, what is in progress, and what the future holds.  We will then keep you updated. 

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Lausanne (SUI), 18 December 2012 
FEI launches global safety helmet campaign
The FEI has launched a global campaign to promote the use of protective headgear. The move comes two weeks before implementation of a new rule making the use of a properly fastened protective headgear mandatory while riding on the show grounds at FEI events. The campaign, which will be conducted mainly online, begins today, a fortnight before the new rule comes into effect on 1 January 2013.


Conformation & unsoundness in horses.
How to prepare & present the In-hand show horse.
Ring craft – know how to best prepare for your classes.
Tack & turnout in depth for both In-hand & under saddle classes. There are many photos illustrating all aspects.
Colour genetics simply explained  with over 400 photos of the colours seen throughout the world .

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